Traffic Violators School

School License No. E0407

Have you recently received a traffic ticket in California? Do you want to update your driving knowledge to avoid getting another one? Are you eligible to have this ticket removed from your driving record (over 18, no previous tickets in the last 18 months)?

El Cajon Driving School, American Driving School and Driving University are pleased to offer you an enjoyable alternative to traffic schools of the past. We’re not here to teach you HOW to drive; you already know how. We’re going to refresh your memory of the things we all take for granted sometimes when we get behind the wheel. We have been operating in California for 15 years and both young and seasoned drivers often tell us how much useful information they take away from this course.

If you’re doing this for a traffic ticket, then we report your completion to the California DMV the same day you finish. If you’re taking the course for an insurance discount, points, employment or any other reason, then we will mail a certificate of completion to you when you finish. Fed Ex Next Day service is also available if you’re in a hurry.

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